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Even when the weather sucks…

View of Latourell Falls

Believe it or not, it tends to rain in Portland from time to time. I know…shocking.

But that doesn’t (usually) stop us from doing what we do. Just for your information, we have a 94% completion rate of all of our flights. The only reason we have to cancel/reschedule is due to high winds or low clouds; primarily in the winter.

When the weather isn’t idea, does that mean it’s unsafe? Not necessarily. We choose to cancel or reschedule so that you will have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience possible.

But when it’s a little cloudy or a little rainy as it often is in the spring and fall around Portland, Oregon, it’s actually my favorite time to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice sunset and a clear blue sky. They’re unbeatable. But I love the texture and the lighting when it’s overcast. It makes all of the colors in the Columbia River Gorge pop a bit more and that makes for some amazing photos.

When you come to visit Portland, you will undoubtedly looks for things to do in Portland, or you’ll look for Portland tours, or more specifically, Multnomah Falls tours. When the search results pop up, you’ll see a list of some awesome companies like Wildwood Adventures or All About You Luxury Wine Tours. While they do provide an amazing experience, we offer something just a bit different.

First of all, I highly encourage booking a ground based Columbia River Gorge tour. It allows you to soak it all in and experience the Gorge in a very special way. But then you should visit us for an air tour of Portland or on a Multnomah Falls air tour to create a 360º experience.

Our scenic tours are awesome. Just check out the reviews! But beyond that, we try our best to provide an experience that no one else does.


So come check us out and take an aerial tour of Portland, Willamette Falls, Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge, or Mt. Hood. It’s an awesome time, and if you don’t love it, we’ll be surprised.