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Coming together for a great cause.

On Thursday May 23rd, we hosted our summer kickoff party with Dollar For. If you don’t know who they are, that’s fine, but you should get acquainted.


People were excited to get the chance to go on a flight for $15 per person, and that excitement brought people an hour early…which is always a very good sign that the event will be a good success. From 5:45 on, people kept rolling in purchasing flights, raffle tickets, and dipping their card for a great cause– raising money for Dollar For.

Dollar For helps to forgive medical debts for people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Jared Walker is the man behind the cause and he has helped raise nearly a million dollars in 2019! Way to go, Jared. On Thursday night, we added $8,000 to that bucket, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

I also can’t continue without thanking Wonderland Expeditions, Shrub Soda, and Bridal Veil Lodge for making the event even more fun and to Sarah’s Cookies who made some awesome Envi cookies!

So, stay tuned for more events as we cruise in to summer. And for the shameless plug, our Portland tours, Multnomah Falls tours, Columbia Gorge tours are a must on your ‘Thing to do in Portland’ list. We are having an absolute blast so far and can’t wait for our next event!

If you made it to our event last Thursday, thanks for coming…and we will see you again soon!