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Our Aircraft

Safety, Comfort, and Fun

Beyond providing an enjoyable and comfortable flight experience, our primary focus at Envi Adventures is safety; safety of our aircraft, safety of our crews, and safety of you. To ensure that, we use reliable and time tested Cessna and Piper fixed-wing aircraft that are regularly maintained to and above FAA regulatory standards. Our pilots are extremely capable and well trained with local experience to provide you an excellent flight from start to finish. In addition, all aircraft are equipped with modern technology to ensure each flight is completed in a safe manner.

Cessna 182

a airplane that is flying in the air

Our Cessna 182 was our first plane and we love it. It’s capable, rugged, and provides great views and Instagram worthy picture opportunities.

Capacity:    3

Tail Number:    N5900B

Favorite tour:    This airplane is great for all tours, but most of all The Portlandia






Piper Cherokee 6

Portland Air Charter

The Piper Cherokee 6 is an awesome machine with loads of power and the ability to safely fly groups above the most beautiful spots in Portland.

Capacity:    5

Tail Number:    N56836

Favorite tour:    This plane loves going up to Mt. Hood on the Quicksand Triangle