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Flying might be what we do. But creating an experience is what we're good at.



​When you’re looking for things to do in Portland, we know there are a lot of choices. It’s a town of countless food choices, quirky people, and stellar scenery. But if you’re looking for something really different to do in Portland, that’s where we come in. We are Portland’s top rated aerial tour company with affordable daily flights.

Our sightseeing flights take you on incredible adventures above Portland, Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and across the vast scenic forests and landscapes that make Oregon such a beautiful and lush place. Whether you are a visitor looking for an exciting way to see Oregon or you’ve lived here your whole life, our tours are an incredible way to experience the best of Oregon.


The Columbia River Gorge, tucked in the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon, is known across the world for breathtaking waterfalls, miles upon miles of hiking trails, flowing rivers, ancient canyons, and trees beyond count. The Columbia River Gorge is one of America’s most incredible places.

This natural wonder that sits so close to Oregon’s largest city is truly a great place to visit. More than that, it’s completely incredible to see from the air. Experience the thrill of flight through this unbelievable natural wonderland and get the best views you possibly can with Envi. Operating from Troutdale, Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge, Envi offers incredible sightseeing flight adventures in this incredible setting, near Mt. Hood, and over Downtown Portland.


Hey there. My name is Corey and I started Envi in 2017 as a way to show off the place I call home. Oregon has been my home since day one and I have lived in the Portland area for my entire life. Growing up in Troutdale, our family home was right under the flight paths of both the Portland and Troutdale airports, so all day long I’d hear the buzzing of airplanes overhead or would be easily distracted by them while out playing basketball or riding bikes out in the street.

My fascination of all things flying carried on and exists to this very day. So to combine my love for flying and where I live, I started the business.

While coming up with the idea, I went through dozens of potential, generic names for the business. I thought about Gorge Tours, Portland Air Tours, Air Portland, Soar the Gorge, and so many other boring, brand-less names. Some I liked, but none of them really had any zest. They were all too generic and I wanted something that could be developed into more than just “air tours”– whatever that might be.

Brand name backstory: While in college, I dabbled in entrepreneurship and wanted to start a shoe company. So I put together an otherwise boring design, found a manufacturer, and came up with a name– Envi. I’m often asked what the meaning of it is; “Is it an acronym?”, “Is it short for something like “Environment?”

It isn’t.

All of the names I wanted were taken or just didn’t work. So Envi it became then and Envi it is again, just in a different form. After a lot of patience, work, and luck, the business finally got going and the story continues.

Since I was young (and still do) I wanted to be in a rock band like U2, Foo Fighters, or Led Zeppelin. However, I can’t sing and I’m terrible at any instrument, so that dream died. But, starting a business isn’t that much different from being in a band. You have to play some crummy venues before you make it.

Envi is my rock band, and with every “gig” we get better, and I sincerely thank you for being a fan. Look forward to seeing you up there.



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