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The Portlandia

See the best of Portland on this flight tour!

Quick Details

Users Passengers: 5 passengers maximum

Info Max weight: 250 pounds per person

Private Flight For 3 people from
1 person
2 people (price per person) from
3 people (price per person) from
4-5 people (price per person) from

Fly around one of America’s favorite cities!

About This Flight Tour

Traffic is almost a guarantee in Portland, so skip the road and see the city from the comfort and privacy of an airplane. Our airplane tour for up to three is a great way to fly over the urban landscape of Portland.

Fly along the Columbia River, over Portland International Airport, and around the core of downtown. Meanwhile, you are able to enjoy untarnished views of Portland’s bridges, skyscrapers, and Mount Hood, with the traffic below sitting at a standstill.

Book a sunset flight and see the beauty of Portland when the sun goes down!