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Get a taste of the Columbia River Gorge!

Quick Details

Users Passengers: 5 passengers maximum

Info Max weight: 250 pounds per person

Private Flight For 3 people from
1 person
2 people (price per person) from
3 people (price per person) from
4 people (price per person) from
5 people (price per person) from

Columbia River Gorge Airplane Tour

One of our most popular flights, this introductory air tour is a great way to get a taste of the amazing Columbia River Gorge at a very affordable price. Fly above the Columbia River between the ascending cliffs of the Gorge. Enjoy views of Mount Hood, the Vista House at Crown Point, and Latourell Falls.

There’s no other way to get these unforgettable views than from the air. Make it a private flight if you want to enjoy it with just your group! Join us for a 20-minute flight into the Columbia River Gorge.