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Favorite summer time hikes

Air tours Portland

Hey there. Corey with Envi Adventures here.

If you like the smell of crisp, fresh water, a gentle breeze, and the warmth of a setting sun, then a summertime hike in the Columbia River Gorge is just what you need.

Whether you’re from Portland, Oregon or just visiting, a hike is a great way to experience this beautiful part of the state. Just a quick drive from Portland, the access to the Columbia River Gorge is unbelievable. It’s a playground for view seekers, hard core hikers, or casual strollers. Whatever you fancy, there’s something from everyone.

Personally, I’ve always loved Horsetail Falls. From the road you see the sheer power of the waterfall and the fresh blast of cold air is beyond refreshing on a hot summer day. Equally, in the winter when we get a cold blast, this waterfall is incredibly beautiful as parts of it freeze and the mist creates an arctic scene.

Anyway, Horsetail Falls at the bottom is stunning, but the short hike to Ponytail Falls is totally worth it. The switchback trail up to Ponytail isn’t necessarily hard, but be prepared for it. Just keep in mind that the end result is pretty great. When you get to Ponytail Falls, follow the trail under a cave and behind the water as it falls right in front of you almost like a scene out of Jurassic Park.

Now, it use to be that if you followed the trail even further, you’d be able to enjoy Triple Falls and a tranquil setting not too far from Ponytail Falls. Unfortunately, the Eagle Creek Fire of 2017 ripped through this area pretty hard and has since closed the trail until further notice.

But don’t be deterred as this quick little hike gets you two great waterfalls in a very short distance and even with burn scars, it’s still very, very pretty…plus it’s fun to see the rebirth of the surrounding area.

Afterward, come take a tour with us through the Columbia River Gorge past these two natural gems plus Multnomah Falls, Beacon Rock, Latourell Falls, and so many more! Our Portland, Oregon tours are the best priced and we are the only ones legally offering tours of the Columbia River Gorge on a daily basis.

So, locally grown or vacationing in Portland, check out a tour with us. Starting at just $39 each, we have created an affordable flying experience that can be attainable by nearly everyone.

We hope you’ll join us!