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Suns out. Fireworks exploding. Must be Summer.

It’s been said that summer in the Pacific Northwest is unbeatable. I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that it beats the hellish heat of places like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Dallas. All in all, summers in Oregon are pretty incredible. Especially early summer when everything is still vibrant and green, waterfalls are healthily flowing, and it all seems fresh.

A short drive from Portland takes you in to a natural wonderful filled with hundreds of miles of hikes, awesome view points, beautiful streams and rivers, chirping birds, and on, and on, and on. It’s an incredible thing to be in the Gorge early in the morning as the sun rises next to a gentle stream. It’s as close to pure bliss as possible.

A close second (shameless plug inbound) is our air tours. Sure, you don’t have the gentle streams or chirping birds, but you do have absolutely sublime views. And that’s not even being biased!

Our Columbia River Gorge tours are by far our most popular with pilots and customers alike. The reason is simply due to the fact that every single time we go, it’s different. There’s always something new to find nestled up in the forest, or spotting a couple of bald eagles soaring below. It’s a different viewpoint you don’t get from the ground which makes it really, really special.

We are incredibly lucky to get to share this beautiful region with you from our airplane and we hope you’ll be encouraged to experience it on the ground as well. Our air tours are popular not because of the flight itself, but because of the amazing job our pilots do and because of the fact that we’re flying in a place unlike anywhere else.

Hope you’ll come visit us!

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