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We’re turning one!

On Sunday April 1st, we will hit the one-year mark flying around Portland on private airplane tours and what a year it has been! We’ve met people from places like England, Germany, Australia,

South Korea, and Denmark. We’ve hosted people from dozens of different states, and have completed nearly 280 flights so far! While that doesn’t seem like a lot, we’re quite pleased with the result

seeing as many assumed we wouldn’t even get one.


But, here we are, still here and still flying, and making that number get even higher! We’re excited for the next year with ideas on what to do next.

We realize that when people come to Portland, they think of Portland-centric branded t-shirts and donuts, but we hope that we get added to that brainstorming on what to do in your travels.

There are a lot of really great and amazing ground based Portland tours and tours of Multnomah Falls, but there is only one Columbia River Gorge tour company in the air, and that’s us.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point and in the future. We’re excited for what the future holds and look forward to seeing you fly around Oregon with us.