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C’mon…fall is great

Air tours Portland

Around the world, everybody loves summer…or at least warm, pleasant weather. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Days are longer, mornings are warm, hanging out on the patio with friends at night chatting until the wee hours, it’s great. But there is something alluring about the change of summer to fall with crisp mornings and warm days. That’s the case in Portland at least.

When leaves change from green to orange, red, yellow, or all three, this city turns into a hub of color. It’s a great time throw on a sweatshirt, grab some donuts and hit up the Pumpkin Patches. Who doesn’t like that? (I’m sure someone doesn’t)

A perfect fall day consists of waking up and taking the dog for a walk. Making some cider, piling in the car, and driving out to Sauvie Island on a mid-October day with partly cloudy skies. Embark on a quest for the perfect pumpkin and hangout with family or friends over elephant ears, corn on the cob, or something else that’s totally unhealthy but absolutely delicious. After that, go for a tractor ride, or navigate through a corn maze.

After you’re all finished, head downtown to 1927 S’mores and/or Tea Bar.

Then take the quick drive out to Troutdale for an air tour of Portland on our recently added tour affectionately called Stumptown. This inexpensive awesome experience is perfect for the experience of Portland from the air starting at ONLY $29!! How about that deal? It’s truly unbeatable. Capture the autumnal brilliance of color or the night lights of the city on this tour priced for everyone.

We work hard to create small group or private tours at an affordable price. When you’re trying to think of something unique to do in Portland this fall and winter, hopefully you’ll consider us for things to do in Portland. Our airplane tours of Portland are highly rated and a lot of fun..granted we are biased.

Whether you’re looking for a Multnomah Falls tour, a Columbia River Gorge waterfalls tour, or Portland tours, we’ve got you covered at a price that is hard to disagree with.

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