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Clouds wont stop us


It’s a way of life in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Sort of.

When people think of Oregon and Washington, they assume the entire state is made up of lush forests, moss, and ferns but in reality, only about 1/3 of the state is like that. Head over the mountains into Central and Easter Oregon or Washington and you might as well be in a completely different state.

But, in Portland (or Seattle or Vancouver, BC for that matter), it does get cloudy and with those clouds often brings a tad bit of rain. No matter, because if you’re from here, and that’s an increasingly rare claim, you’re use to the seasonal swings in the weather. It’s often said that people in Portland don’t care much or use umbrellas and as I think about that I suspect that’s mostly true. I think I owned an umbrella once in my life when I was about 7 years old and it had Batman on top and it broke within 12 months.

Anyway, to my point, the rain is what it is and we can’t avoid it, stop it, change it. We simply accept it and roll with the punches. It does get really, really, really old about February or March, but it’s what keeps things “fresh” and “green.” For us, it can hamper operations a bit preventing us from flying. It’s not that we can’t fly in the rain, but when the clouds drop low, we’re kind of out of luck. Our pilots are trained to fly in the clouds, but what good is a scenic tour if you can’t see anything?

So, for safety and logic, we avoid flying in the clouds and keep it low. We do get calls from people saying “it’s raining, are we still going?” Yes, we’re still going! In fact, it’s some of the coolest times to go is when it’s rainy or cloudy. It adds a dynamic otherwise not seen.

As the seasons change and the clouds start to become common place, think about something unique and fun to do in the rain and come grab a cheap flight with us. Our tours in the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and even downtown Portland are pretty great and we can help make your experience very special (within the realms of safety of course).

With flights starting at just $39 per person, we can help make a special date night, birthday, anniversary, or family outing even better. So for things to do in Portland, Oregon, put us on your list and let’s go have a fun time.

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