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Plan your 2022 Summer Trip to Portland, Oregon

Portland helicopter tours

What do you picture when you think of the Pacific Northwest? Lush green forests? Cloudy skies?

Well, you’re not wrong. Those gorgeous earth tones and color palettes are just a fraction of the beauty in this United States region. If you’re not picturing rain, add that to your mental image, but don’t let it detract from the fun. Rainy days in the Pacific Northwest are frequent, but that’s no reason to stay inside. There are plenty of stunning places to visit, especially when you’re in and around Portland, Oregon.

Whether you’re searching for an outdoor adventure or something more indoors, there is plenty to do. Let’s learn about a few of them.

Best Times to Visit

The best times to visit the Pacific Northwest depends on why you’re planning to visit– or anytime. Between May-October is probably the best time to visit as this is the time for the most optimal temperatures, and beautiful fresh foliage; especially in the Columbia River Gorge.

Indoor Activities

Maybe something protected from the elements is more your speed, or you’re just a history buff eager to explore the city’s interior. Whatever your interests, be sure to check out the Pittock Mansion. Birdwatchers, this is one of the best spots to do so!

Another great place to explore is the Portland Art Museum. There is a vast amount of incredible art from diverse communities. Not only are there pieces of art on display, but there are also films available for viewing by local artists, a small café, and a lovely gift shop.

Outdoor Adventures

You’re searching for an outdoor adventure, then you’re in luck. Portland has waterfalls of various sizes throughout the area. One of the most famous tourist attractions is Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area leading to Multnomah Falls. According to the USDA website, these falls get over 2 million visitors every year. These famous falls are a can’t-miss, but if you’re looking to beat the crowds, consider an aerial tour of the area with Envi flights.

If a hike of any kind isn’t what you’re after, but you still want to spend some time outside, consider visiting the tranquil Portland Japanese Garden. Not only do these gardens offer the opportunity to experience peace, but they also share an influential contribution to culture. Learn about the growth of plants and trees, as well as about the cultural heritage of the original caretakers and creators of the art form.

Book Your Travel, Plan Your Adventure

Though we might be biased, we can’t recommend an aerial flight around the city enough. Envi offers more tours around the Pacific Northwest than just Portland, OR, but we thought that city might be an excellent place to start. Check out the website and book your flight today! Individual and group rates are available; fly solo or bring your friends or partners on an unforgettable adventure. This article offers just a sliver of the fun that’s available in the Pacific Northwest.

When you’re planning your trip to Oregon, don’t forget to exercise caution and protect yourself when you travel, but most importantly – have fun!

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