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Hi there. Corey Rust here for Envi Adventures.

When was the last time you went out on a whim and adventured? I don’t mean you hopped in the car and went to a Burger King in a sketchy part of town; although that is an adventure in and of itself. I mean an adventure where you went somewhere completely new to see, smell, feel, and experience something fresh.

It’s a nice refreshing eye opener to the world that exists outside of your regularly attended cubicle. Here at Envi, we really like being outside and seeing new stuff. That might be part of the reason why our ‘Wonderful Waterfalls’ flight adventure is our most popular option.

Society is drawn to beautiful things whether it’s a nice new car that’s not a Prius, a beautifully designed house, or things that naturally exist outside. Unfortunately, we rely too much on the experiences of others as we see it via social media and think about how magnificent everyone else’s life is and how dreadfully boring our life seems– and sometimes that’s true.

At some point you’ll look back and regret not seeing or doing stuff yourself because of a lack of time, or not enough money, or whatever other reason you come up with.

That’s why we have flights starting at only $99. You pay for a private airplane that’s reserved for yourself and your best friends. You’re not sharing it with some stranger that just flew in from Omaha.

There isn’t another option in Portland that gives you these kinds of experiences at this affordable of a rate. We promise.