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Why Oregon is so special

Just yesterday I was flying back to Portland from Dallas, Texas and as we began our descent in to Portland I was looking out the window at the eastern Oregon wilderness below. Now, I know Oregon “wilderness” is nothing compared to rugged places like Alaska, or Canada. But, I was somewhat mesmerized by the vast amount of space seemingly untouched by people.

Most people think of Oregon as a very lush, green state. But, only about 1/3 of Oregon is green and covered in trees. The rest of it is dry, brown, and high desert. But that’s part of the allure of it I think.

From Portland, you are 2 hours from virtually any sort of natural environment you want: 2 hours from the coast, 2 hours from the mountains, 2 hours from the high desert, with forests, valleys, and a bunch of other stuff in between.

So, when you travel to Oregon, and you’re trying to figure out what to do while you’re here, you will naturally gravitate to wanting to go to Cannon Beach or Seaside on the coast. You’ll probably want to go to Portland for a day, or head up to Mount Hood. All of these places are incredible, but I highly recommend going east toward John Day to see the Painted Hills, or Southeast to the Steens Mountains.

If you want to keep it close to Portland, that’s a great idea too! Stay at The Jupiter Hotel (ask for a discount on Envi flights while you’re there too!). Looking for things to do in Portland? There is a lot of fun stuff year round. For starters, a Portland tour in our airplane is a great way to kick it off. Or, if cities aren’t your thing, go on a Multnomah Falls air tour. After that, head into the Gorge by car and experience from below.

This state has so much to offer with fun family adventures to experiences for the most hard core adventurer. Try our downtown Portland tours for a great sunset flight, up to Mount Hood for a great flight all day long, or through the Gorge for the best pictures you can think of.

We’re a bit biased at Envi Adventures, but an aerial tour of Portland is an amazing way to experience this unique city, but we very much encourage you to explore it in a way that fits your schedule. Stop by on the way to Hood River on the way to the winery and check out the Gorge waterfalls, or up to Mt. Hood. You won’t regret it.

Come visit us the next time you’re in town!