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What is this anyway?

Corey Rust here for Envi Adventures. I often get asked why I started Envi Adventures? “Isn’t hard?” “Isn’t there a lot of rules?” “Do you think people are going to like the flights?” Yes. Yes. And…yes. Those are three good reasons why I am. I like the challenge. I like the development of an idea on paper and seeing it transform into something real after some hard work, sacrifice, and a bit of creativity. In aviation, there are a lot of rules. Most make good sense, some less, but all are there for safety. Sometimes I overhear conversations from other people involved in aviation that want to bend the rules in their favor and frankly, it really annoys me. Envi Adventures follows the rules and obeys the law so everyone stays safe. There is no other and certainly no better…

I’m not particularly nostalgic.

Hello. Corey Rust here for Envi Adventures. I had a blog once in 2007. It was good. It had a vast audience of 7. It’s hard not to look smug with stats like that. So this is somewhat of a return to my online journalistic career at which I never made any money. But I digress. While my attempts at poorly crafted blog humor fizzled out about as quickly as it started, in the same period of time I started consistently training to earn my pilots license. It was a dream come true! I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. Long had I dreamt of controlling an airplane by myself. Even with a competent and wonderful instructor by my side throughout, it was a liberation I hadn’t felt except for that first time mowing the lawn independently at age 11,…