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What a summer!

Corey Rust here for Envi Adventures.

We have had an incredibly great summer flying so far. We’ve met some great people and have seen some really great stuff. Around here, we love flying no matter what time of year, but summer of course always makes for wonderful flights.

As we continue towards the end of summer and into fall and winter, we need to remind you that we don’t stop just because the sun sets a little earlier. We’re Oregonians! We don’t stop for a little rain. Come on.

Coming up in October we will be doing our first ‘Portland Pumpkins’ route and we are absolutely excited about this! Curious what it is? Well, I’ll tell you….

Your flight will take off from the Troutdale Airport and head over toward Portland’s Sauvie Island. That in and of itself isn’t all that exciting, but for you native Portlanders, you know that this metropolitan island is the mecca for all thing Halloween and autumnal in this city. And what’s Halloween or the beginning of fall without a little corn maze action?

So this flight will give you the best view of the mazes, the pumpkin patches, and of downtown Portland! We’re pretty excited about this flight and hope you’ll come along!

But, summer is still in full swing (as is evident with this never-ending smokey haze) and we’re flying an awesome amount! If you haven’t booked your flight yet…you better get on it, because heaven knows that you’re missing out if you don’t.

–  Corey