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Unbelievably…it’s already fall and winter’s around the corner.

Hello again. Corey Rust here with Envi Adventures.

Remember when you were a kid and time crawled. Especially when waiting for those exciting events like birthdays, Halloween or Christmas, school to get out. Then you grow up, you blink, and you completely miss it. Such is life.

Here at Envi Adventures we’re looking back on our excellent first summer of flying around Portland, through the Columbia River Gorge, and past Mt. Hood.

With the fires that ripped through the gorge at the beginning of September, we, along with everyone else, didn’t know what to expect in the aftermath. Remarkably and in spite of the imagery seen on the news, the gorge has some scars but is still pretty good looking!

As the leaves start to change colors, temperatures begin to drop, and days grow shorter, we fly on.

Yes, we fly in the rain, yes we fly when it’s dark, and yes we fly if there are clouds. If we didn’t do any of those things, we’d be on the ground a lot.

So come join us for a fun affordable outdoor activity this fall and winter. Check out the orange and yellow trees in the gorge, frozen waterfalls in a couple of months, and even the Christmas ships in December! Portland is an amazing city to fly over at night, and we’d love to have you join us!

Visit the “Adventures” page on our website to book and don’t forget to use #FLYENVI for 5% off of your flight!