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Portland Flight Training with Envi

Personalized Flight Training

Becoming a pilot isn’t as impossible as you might have thought. With individualized training, and dedication to your success, we will teach you to become an incredible pilot that not only flies proficiently, but safely, all while having the time of your life.

How much does it cost?

Training costs will vary depending on the individual student’s level of commitment and ability. The largest impact on price will be the number of hours flown during your training.

The following costs are all estimates and should be used for planning purposes only. Costs may be higher or lower than listed:

SAMPLE COSTS (this is on the high end)

Private Pilot

45 Hours Aircraft Rental  $6,300
30 Hours Flight Instruction  $1,200
Training Material  $300
Renters Insurance  $350
Medical Exam  $100
Written Test Fee  $200
Flight Test Aircraft Rental  $300
FAA Examiner Fee  $400
TOTAL (est.)  $9,250*

Your success in your training is dependent on your level of commitment. We will never guarantee that a student will absolutely, no questions asked, pass all tests first try, because that would be impossible. What we can promise is that we will work with you from day one until you are completed with your training to make sure you’re a competent and safe pilot.

Becoming a pilot is rewarding and opens up your world to new possibility and opportunity undreamt of before becoming a pilot.

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Our Mission

Our approach to training is regimented and dedicated to your success. We believe that a one-on-one approach to your training will be essential in helping you grow to become an excellent and safe pilot. Everybody learns differently and at a different pace. You and your instructor will work together to create a schedule that works best for you so that you will get the most out of your training.

At Envi, we train using reliable aircraft that are optimally maintained to ensure the highest reliability and safety so that you can accomplish your goals in a timely and proficient manner.


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